I’ve been gone

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I need to do a extremely large update but for the moment amongst all the chaos that has been or is happening I snapped this and wanted to share with you all. 

I’m still here, reading almost daily but honestly I just haven’t had anything great to say. I promise I’ll update Monday!

My love and I after our bath. Sun was shining in the perfect place. 



A trip down memory lane

Indie Rose - Our world

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared much other than my nieces and nephews and baby related stuff however I do have quite a large family. My mum has 5 children and 3 step children from another marriage. My sister and I Tara are blood siblings (same mother and father), my sister Vicki and Danny have the same mum (different father) and my other sister Toni shares the same mum but different father (my mum was made to put her up for adoption at the age of 16, I don’t know much about her). The reason I tell you this is to better explain the reason for the trip down memory lane some of us children took our mum on this last Thursday. 

We woke up at 5am for the 4 hour commute to her small home town of Gulgong. We stopped in at Mudgee and met mums brother (uncle Peter) who I had never met before – side note, my mum has 3 siblings, none of whom I know. Uncle Peter looks just like his father (my pop) who I did know as a child, he has since passed. You could tell this trip was an important one for mum and something she was so proud to do with her children and 5 of her grandchildren. Mum didn’t have the best home life as a child, often being locked in cupboards suffering horrible abuse from her mother (my grandmother who I never met). My mum and her dad were very close and in some ways was my mums protector. When mum was taken away to Sydney to stay at an “unwed mothers home” and forced to give her first child up she never really ever returned. Mum is so proud of us all but we haven’t always been close. Most times when we lived together things were bad. I was in counselling most of my teenage years because I just never felt loved by her, I guess her upbringing effected her in ways I will never understand. She once wrote a note and put on my door that said “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a child like you” and that wasn’t meant in the nice way either. We have never been close but since moving out we have built a great relationship and with time she has opened up a lot about why she is the way she is and while it is no excuse I think I can understand a little better. 

It was nice to see where she grew up and see the tin shed she once called home. They are knocking down the property she grew up on so that’s why we ventured to her hometown. It was crazy to find out my uncle used to get paid $27 a week. That’s what I get paid an hour 😯. We have planed a return trip with more of the family and to be honest I’m actually excited to go. It’s a beautiful little place and one of which made me feel a little upset and sad. Knowing mum had been through so much there really hit home. 

Here are some photos I took. 

The church I was baptised at. Mum was also an alter girl at this same church growing up.    
  The house my mums family eventually lived in. (That’s my nephew, mums grandson) sitting at her porch.   
  Me standing outside of the tin shed mum lived in before they build the home.   

5 of mums grandkids standing in front of her old home

  The shed.